Advanced Grower Solutions

Advanced Grower Solutions - Software Solutions for Plant Growers

Advanced Grower Solutions is a new type of software company. All of our solutions are distributed via the web so that our customers can access the information from anywhere. Since all of our solutions are web-based, most users have no problems learning how to use them. Our solutions are sold by store, by month, are very affordable, and require no large up-front investment. Our training staff and consultants will work to ensure that all of our customers are utilizing the solution to achieve the best possible results.

The biggest benefit to our clients of being a service-based business is that we must continue to meet your needs every month. The web allows us to create custom solutions to your problems and deliver them very quickly. As your needs change, our solutions change.

AGS offers complete inventory management and accounting software which include modules for:

  • Order entry
  • Inventory
  • Sales management
  • Financial
  • Payroll
  • Cost accounting
  • Chain store accounting/EDI

These easy-to-use software modules put information at your fingertips, allowing you to run your business with greater efficiency. From taking phone orders and pulling inventory to loading trucks, generating invoices and running sales analysis reports – the AGS solution helps streamline every aspect of the business cycle.

Many growers nationwide use Advanced Grower Solutions. Each one of these growers unique, in terms of size, number of employees, needs budget, computer proficiency and use of existing software. While AGS offers inventory and accounting software packages, it treats each client individually and can meet specific needs. Unlike other software solutions, the various modules from AGS can be purchased separately, allowing the software to grow with you as your business expands.

With Advanced Grower Solutions, you not only gain a business solution for your wholesale nursery or greenhouse, but also a technology partner. Whether you are replacing another computer system or converting from a paper record keeping process, Advanced Grower Solutions can configure a solution for your business.