Grower Communication Solution

Today's growers need effective ways to communicate product and available-to-sell information to their customers. They need solutions to allow customers to order and track product availability, and they need the ability to communicate to geographically-dispersed employees. Advanced Grower Solutions has a complete set of solutions to publish all of this data to the Internet for accurate and timely data for employees and purchasers.

With the AGS website builder, you have the tools to construct and maintain your own web site, complete with real-time inventory availability and e-commerce capabilities. The AGS website builder reduces the time and cost of hiring a web designer to make site changes and allows internal staff to keep company headlines fresh and up-to-date, without complicated HTML changes and FTP uploads.

Backend Accounting Solution

The Backend Accounting Solution (BAS), developed over 20 years of service for the growers' industry is a comprehensive accounting package with modules including:

  • A/R
  • A/P
  • G/L
  • Inventory
  • EDI
  • Payroll

In-Field Inventory Management

Now greenhouse and nursery growers have a fast and easy way to update inventory field counts. Using a powerful Tablet PC, growers can update counts, move plants between locations and enter productions notes just like writing on a piece of paper. The result: your data is updated quickly and accurately and transferred to your inventory without duplication or time-consuming data entry.

Third-Party Merchandiser Solution

Several big box stores have begun to outsource all merchandising to third-party companies. If needed for your retailer, AGS has a complete system to manage the time spent in each store by the third-party merchandiser. Tools and reports are available to set budgets, schedule work, and to communicate with the work force.