Direct to Store

Advanced Growers Solutions breakthrough browser-based software, Direct-to-Store™, has been created to help growers that sell directly to large national or regional retailers. These retailers are adapting to two strategies for mitigation their inventory exposure to the perishable good you sell. One is Pay-by-Scan/Guaranteed Sales and the other is sell-thru performance monitoring.

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Pay-by-Scan/Guaranteed Sales

In the Pay-by-Scan model, growers assume the entire risk of the product. They are not paid until the product is scanned at the sales counter. In the Guaranteed Sales model the grower must write credits for product that is not sold in the store. The net effect of each is the same - the grower is only paid for product that successfully sells.

Sell-Thru Performance

In the Sell-Thru Performance model, orders are placed with the grower and the product is delivered to the stores. If the product is not selling, the grower does not have to write credits for the unsold inventory, nor do they bear any of the cost of shrinkage; however, the retailer tracks the performance of each product and will adjust future orders on that performance. In extreme cases, future orders may even be canceled.


Advanced Grower Solutions takes the guesswork out of managing your supply chain by taking data used everyday in the back office and putting it where it’s needed most - in the hands of your sales team, drivers and store merchandisers. Direct-to-StoreTM enables your field personnel to perform a variety of transactions on mobile devices from customer sites - giving you the power to better serve your retailers and your customers.

Back Office Data Synchronization

Advanced Grower Solutions respects the investment that you have in your existing accounting solutions. Our replication technology extracts the information that we need from your systems and publishes it to our secure web server environment. This means that you will not have to enter data twice to use our solutions.

Product Visibility

With the Direct-to-Store™ solution you can track product as it flows to the stores. Merchandisers can see the product that is in route to the store. Sales Reps can know when deliveries are going to be made and where the product is coming from. Other parts of your supply chain, such as contract growers, can interface directly with your system providing details on inventory levels and availability.

In-Field Data Collection

Sales Reps can communicate with any browser-based mobile device like Blackberries to create orders, enter in store dumpage and do cycle counts. Merchandisers can also track shipments and provide feedback about store conditions. Racks can be tracked at store level to ensure efficient collection. All sales data and inventory information is also available in the hands of those who need it.

How We Are Different

  • We aggregate data from multiple sources, and get that data into the hands of those who need it to make good decisions quickly.
  • We understand the unique sales environment of the live goods industry and the perishable nature of the product.
  • We respect your investment in time and money in your existing accounting software systems.
  • We have created a flexible solution that can be adapted to the unique needs of your business. We understand that every business is different and needs information presented in different ways.


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