What is the AGS Live Goods Merchandising Solution?

  • Phone (IVR), PPA and Web-based time collection
  • Track drive time
  • Automatically create shipment notifications to keep merchandisers informed of product flow
  • Integrate with any payroll system
  • Confirm employee locations in real time
  • Remotely manage hundreds of employees with minimum office staff
  • Create budgets by store/week to control costs
  • Send messages directly to merchandisers
  • Create and track time for special projects such as store resets
  • Provide a centralized website with online training materials, HR forms, and policy manuals

Live Goods Merchandising Solution

Key Features

Shipment Notifications

  • Growers can notify merchandiser of arriving product
  • Merchandisers can acknowledge notifications
  • Merchandiser can use notifications to properly schedule personnel
  • Retailer can use shipments to measure merchandising efforts

Rack Tracking

  • Growers can track racks at stores
  • Merchandiser can notify growers of empty racks
  • Empty racks at the store can be aged and growers pickup performance monitored
  • Retailer can use emptied racks as a measure of performance

Time Management

  • Comprehensive budgets at Merchandiser, Store Group, and Store Level
  • Budgets simplify communications with merchandisers
  • Ability to compare budgeted-to-actual time spent
  • Scheduling merchandisers can use the budgets to build daily work schedules


  • Store Level Table Plans including SKU's and growers
  • Ability to build plans for different seasons
  • Allows the sharing of the plans between retailers, merchandisers, and the growers
  • Allows all parties to have input into the planning process regardless of grower size


For growers with their own merchandising force, merchandising is a necessary evil. The cost of merchandising can quickly grow and eat up profits. The Live Goods Merchandising Solution gives the grower the tools they need to control these costs. Up-to-date information about exactly how much labor has gone into the store allows growers to make adjustments immediately, not after the timesheets have been turned in. Budgets hold Merchandising Managers accountable. Reports and Alerts highlight areas where budgets are going to be exceeded or where overtime costs are rising.

A good merchandising program can mean a drastic increase in sales. But to do their jobs correctly merchandisers need information; incoming shipments, in-store instructions and special projects are examples of information that will improve merchandiser performance. The Live Goods Merchandising Solution gives the grower the tools to get this information out into the field.

3rd Party Merchandisers

Merchandisers gain the ability to access critical information from virtually anywhere. Live Goods Merchandising Solution is a complete customizable solution for business management with a low-entry barrier.


Live Goods Merchandising Solution provides for retailers a unified view of Garden Center merchandising, and the ability to use a standard data set to accurately gauge performance. The software can be customized to address special needs, and there is NO requirement on the retailer to provide infrastructure or to support the application.